Introducing the amigo-crew


Capsize, collision and vessel failure are inevitable consequences of pushing crew and equipment to the edge of the envelope in competitive yachting and power boating.  Locating and recovering crew following such an incident is a time-critical life-safety priority.  Missing personnel may be unconscious or trapped and unable to self-assist. Receiver-13

But where do emergency responders start to search with a large hull, 100’s of square meters of sail area on the water and almost zero visibility below?

In response to the America’s Cup fatality that occurred in May 2013 Aquacoustics Limited prioritized the development of the amigo-crew.  While the the design concept is similar to the amigo, the hardware and software have been specifically adapted for this life-safety application.


The amigo–crew

“rapid response pin-point location of in-water crew”


Transmitter6The receiver (above) has just one purpose.  To allow rescue divers operating at or near the surface to locate the closest transmitter rapidly with pin-point accuracy at ranges in excess of 100 m (330’).  There are no channels or gain controls to set incorrectly.  A single press of the mode button turns the receiver on for rapid emergency response.

The transmitter (left) is worn by each crew member and requires no user intervention.  It  attaches by a 1” Velcro strap.  Once immersed it automatically turns on and stays on until it is removed from the water.  The transmitter is small (shown approximately actual size), light and tough.

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