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Aquacoustics was established in New Zealand as a limited liability company in November 2010 to progress the Buddy Locator proven prototype to the amigo
, a commercial reality for recreational SCUBA divers.  We retain professional expertise in SCUBA diving, electronics and software design.

We are committed to providing you with affordable, reliable and effective dive equipment to enhance your underwater experience.  After years of development, testing and extended field trials we are satisfied that that the amigo meets our commitment and we are confident that you will be satisfied too.

Quality is designed into every aspect of the amigo but the adventurous nature of SCUBA diving requires that every device is subject to 100% software validation, electrical characterization, functional and pressure testing, and aesthetic inspection before dispatch.

Aquacoustics is committed to environmentally sound practices and the minimizing the ecological impact of its products.  We specify RoHS components and endeavour to ensure that any contracted sub-unit manufacture or assembly are completed using environmentally friendly processes.

Aquacoustics continues to conduct research and product development to further enhance the amigo and extend our product range and capability.  This includes development of other specialist applications such as man-down search in fire fighting and additional functionality such as depth sounding.


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